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6550 Tube Amplifier

Krazy cool Bell & Howell Vintage Military 6550 Tube Amplifier amp


3 Vintage GE (Westinghouse) 6550A Tubes for Power Amplifier KT88


HUGE Vintage Newcomb K4R-1250 6550 Tube Amplifier, RARE, AS-IS , NEEDS WORK


Conrad Johnson MV-75 6550 Tube Power Amplifier - Nice!


VINTAGE Bell & Howell MILITARY Tube Amplifier Amp w/ TUNGSOL 6550 - RARE (1pair)


SVETLANA 6550 B (KT88) Power Amplifier VACUUM TUBE Tested good


Vtg AMPHENOL 8 Pin OCTAL Vacuum Tube Sockets NOS QUAD Guitar Amplifier 6550 6L6G


Pair Allen Type 75 Tube Amplifier One of the best sounding KT88/6550 Tube Amps




Pair Harman Kardon 6550/KT88 Tube Amplifiers made for Schulmerich Carrilons Inc.


Power transformers for KT88 807 6550 300B 211 tube amplifier


Pair Allen Organ Model 90 Monoblock Tube Amplifiers -5U4, 6550, 6SN7, 12AY7, OD3


SVETLANA 6550 (KT88) Power Amplifier VACUUM TUBE Tested! #H.4029


Rare MusiCraft M-60 M60 Mono 6550/KT88 Tube Amplifier 60 Watts Chrome/Black


Vintage Strong GE 6550A KT88 Power Amplifier Vacuum Tube


Tube Amp Plate Bias Current Probe Tester 8Pin Socket for 6L6 6V6 EL34 KT88 6550


Pair Schulmerich Mono 6550/KT88 Tube Amplifiers Models 6-228G & 6-228H EXC Sound


Magnavox 6550 A Made in USA Amplifier Amp Valve Tube


Factory Matched Quad Tube Amp Doctor TAD KT88 6550 For Tube Amplifiers Citation


Genalex UK KT88 / 6550 Audio Amplifier Power Tube ~ Strong


ELLA 6550/KT88 Vacuum Tube Integrated Stereo Amplifier


Factory Matched OCTET Tube Amp Doctor TAD KT88 6550 For Tube Amplifiers


350W power transformer for WE 300B KT88 6550 KT66 El34 PP tube amplifier


Factory Matched Octet Tung-Sol Tungsol 6550 KT88 - Audio Research Tube Amplifier


Factory Matched QUAD Tung-Sol Tungsol 6550 KT88 - For Tube Amplifiers


6550 KT88 Class A Single Ended Tube Audio Amplifier 16W*2 HIFI DIY Kit


Groove Tubes Gold Series GT-6550-R Power Amplifier Tubes Set of 2


Jolida Fusion 3502S tube amplifier - NEW- 6550 tubes


Factory Matched QUAD Svetlana KT88SV 6550 KT88 - For Tube Amplifiers


Sovtek 6550WE Power Vacuum Tube Amplifier Amp Valves Lot of 3