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Marshall Plexi



Classic Tone Marshall Plexi 50 Watt Power Transformer


Marshall JTM30 Combo - All Tube!! All Original!! Rare!!!! JCM800, JMP, Plexi!


Marshall Plexi 69' NOS Replica Clone


Marshall JTM-45 1966 rare green small box white panel KITCHEN 50 watt plexi amp


Randall rm 100 module Mts Marshall Plexi Blackface


Marshall 1959 Plexi 100 Watt Super Lead Tremolo 1967 MODS REMOVED


Marshall 1959HW Handwired Plexi Head


Marshall 1987X 50 Watt Plexi Head - Gator ATA Case included


marshall 1959hw Plexi Ampflfier Head with Voodoo Amps Master Volume Mod


1959 Marshall plexi clone hand wired 50 watt


Marshall 1987X Plexi 50 Watts Amp Head DEMO


Marshall 1959SLP Super Lead 100-Watt Tube Head MkII 2001 Valve Plexi Amplifier


Marshall Vintage 1987X with FX Loop 50 watt plexi Amp Head with an FX Loop


Fender Bassman 6G6B Guitar Amp marshal plexi mod with mid control by jim decola


Marshall Plexi 1959SLP 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head


Marshall Class 5 Limited Edition Rare 1960s Plexi C5-01 1X10” A Valve


Marshall Plexi 1959SLP 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head LN


Marshall 1959SLP 100W All-Valve Super Lead Plexi Amp Head


Marshall 1959HW Handwired Plexi Head LN


Blank Amp Amplifier Chassis Marshall 100W Plexi Size


Metropoulos Metroamp '68 12,000-Series Plexi 100 Watt Amp Head Marshall


Splawn Competition & 4x12 Cabinet single channel Quick Rod-Marshall JCM800/Plexi


Marshall 1987X WSP & 1960AV PLEXI Super Lead Bass Amplifier Amp 250 Limited Used


Marshall 1959SLP-01 Super Lead Plexi 100 Watt Tube Amplifier Head Reissue


Hotone PURPLE WIND Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 Mini Guitar Amp Head (NLA-2)


2018 Rock n Rola!  50 or 25 watt head.  Plexi JTM45 JCM800, Hand wired. 


Vintage 1967 Marshall JMP Bluesbreaker Tremolo 50 Plexi 2x12 Pinstripe Amplifier


Marshall SLP100 PLEXI '93 100W Head Scott Gorham's Amp Kill Em All RRhoads Sound


Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555X New in Unopened Box Plexi Jcm800 Slash


Marshall JMP Plexi 25 Replica (Built by Brit-Tone Amplification Research)


Marshall JCM 800 2203 100W Reissue 2011 New Plexi Slash sound


Marshall Plexi Amplifier 100w Super Lead Purple Stack (2) 4x12 Vintage Reissue