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Vintage Postage Scale

Vintage/Retro, Small Postage Scale, 1lb, Made In Japan


vintage postage scale for letters + stamp holder


Vintage Brass Desktop Postage Stamp Roll Holder Dispenser / Letter Postal Scale


Vintage Pelouze Scale Co. Monarch Y-Line Model Y-25 Postage Scale


Vintage Triner Airmail Accuracy Postage Scale - 0 to 9 oz. - US Post Office


Small Vintage letter Brass scale with holder for roll of postage stamps Post M.


Vintage Hanson Postage Scale Model 1509


Vintage Pelouze 2 Lb Postage Scale P2 1985 and IDL 1 Lb Scale #32001 2/85


Vintage Pitney Bowes 4900 Postage Scale 1974


Vintage Toledo Platform Postage Scale 75 lb. Honest Wt. No Springs Style 0869R






Vintage Postage Scale - Hanson - Silver


Vintage Postage Meter Scale


Vintage Pitney Bowes Postage Mail Scale - 1971 - USA


Triner Air Mail Postage Scale Vintage Pea scale 0 to 9 oz. US Post Office


Vintage Postage Scale 1964 Hanson Model 1546A Ozs. to 2 LB 1st 3rd Cl


Pitney Bowes Vintage Mec.Postage Scale Model # S-510


Vintage Hanson Postage Scale with original box (#0429)


Vintage Postage Scale Patent No Park Sherman


Vintage Postal Postage Scales Model p-2 1968 Spring Scale portion control Used


Vintage Pelouze Postage Scale made in Evanston Ill. Dated 1978


Vintage Pitney Bowes Postage Postal Scale Made in USA 1974


Vintage Pelouze Postage Scale


Vintage PITNEY BOWES Postal Postage Mail Scale Old Balance Meter Weight Small H


Vintage PITNEY BOWES Postal Postage Mail Scale Old Balance Meter Weight Small


Vintage Pitney Bowes Postage Mail Scale 1974 Airmail 1st Class 3rd Class


Vintage Hanson Postal Pound Mailing Postage 16oz Weight Scale ModelUSA


Vintage Hanson Postage Scale 1974 (item# A114)


Vintage Antique 1956 Pelouze Metal Postage 10lb Weight Scale "Y" line Model Y-10


Vintage 1972 Zephyr Model Z-5 Postage Scale


Vintage Pelouze Petite 1 Lb Postal Scale 1963 and Hanson 1 Lb Postage Scale 60's


Vintage Hanson 158-1562-1573 Precision Postage / Postal Scale Plastic


Working Vintage 1991 Sunbeam 5 lb USA Postage Rate Scale Old Model 1509


Vintage Aluminium Postage / Letter Scale "SYRO", Swiss Made.


Vintage Brass Balance Scale Lab Analytical Scientific Small Weight Postage


Antique Vintage Triner 9 Ounce USPO USPS Postal Postage Scale


Vintage 1991 Pelouze CareMail Postal Petite First Class Postage Scale


Vintage Pelouze Postal Scale 2LB to 1/2 OZ Model P-2 Postage Rates for 2-17-1985


Vtg Pelouze Postal Post Office Postage Scale Industrial Collectible


Small Vintage letter scale with holder for roll of postage stamps


Vintage Postamatic Postage Scale and Brass Postage Dispenser on Pedestal


Vintage Bilateral Table Postage Scale 250 - 60 grams